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SPF Roof Systems (Spray Polyurethane Foam)
The Versatile Roof Solution

- Virtually Leak Free
- Highly Energy Efficient
- Easy Maintainance
- No Tear-Off or Disposal
- Inexpensively Renewable

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a closed cell insulation material that has established itself as the premier material for roofing and insulation applications in the construction industry. It has multiple benefits including its insulation value, longevity and application technique.

SPF systems are referred to as "self-flashing" because they can be applied to vertical surfaces such as parapet walls and roof penetrations in a contiguous manner, thus eliminating seams and cold joints, the main source of roof leaks.

The two major advantages that make SPF invaluable in the construction industry are

its ability to waterproof
SPF forms a seamless, monolithic surface against the elements sealing itself to all properly prepared substrates. Its "closed cell" nature makes it impermeable and ensures that water will not migrate through it.

its ability to insulate
SPF's "closed cell" nature traps insulating molecules in the foam as it cures. SPF has the
highest R-Value
per inch of any other insulation material and is extremely lightweight and tough.

Highly Energy Efficient
Studies indicate that as much as 38% of the insulating value can be compromised through the gaps and metal fasteners of the fastened insulation boards in a conventional roof. When compared with an SPF roof, the SPF roof loses none of its insulating value.

Technical Description
SPF is produced by a chemical reaction of polyol and an isocyanate, in the presence of catalysts and other additives. The result is a rigid plastic that expands during the curing process and becomes a seamless layer of closed cell foam.

SPF by its nature must be delivered properly to give its optimum characteristics of a seamless, monolithic surface. The construction industry has long known that the best application comes from delivering the material to the application surface in just the right proportions, without physical or chemical contaminants. It requires proper temperature and pressure control for optimum polymerization, adhesion and tensile strength.

If you are considering SPF Roof Systems, you need to have an accredited SPF contractor/applicator.

Please contact us for detailed information or an on-site evaluation.

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