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SPF Cool Roof Systems (Spray Polyurethane Foam)
The ultimate roof systems for flat or low-sloped roofs

- Longevity
- Energy Efficient
- Superior Waterproofing
- Easy Maintenance
- Fast and Easy Installation
- Versatile
- Lightweight

SPF Cool Roof Systems begin with Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) which can be applied to most existing roofs and to most roof substrates in new construction. SPF forms a seamless, monolithic surface across the entire roof. It is self-flashing to all parapet walls and obstructions while sealing all penetrations.

After SPF has been applied there are a number of different finish options depending on the needs of the customer and the environment of the building. Most configurations contain two finish coats over the SPF and sometimes three finishes if the conditions warrant it.

Acrylic Elastomeric Finish
- Cost efficient UV protection in non freezing environments available
- High durability
- Highly corrosion resistant

Silicone Elastomeric Finish
- Most Durable UV protection available
- Very good in harsh environmental conditions both severe cold and extreme hot
- Highly corrosion resistant

Polyurea or Polyurethane Finish
- High tinsel strength and puncture resistance for high traffic roofs
- Provides mil thickness and durability to roof
- Very good in harsh environmental conditions both severe cold and extreme hot
- Chemical Resistant
- High Gloss Attractive Finish
- Impact resistant
- Great color retention

SPF Cool Roof Systems can be sustained indefinitely without replacement for the life of your structure. The US Navy has been using SPF Roofing Systems for over forty years and currently has buildings with roofs over 35 years old. By recoating the top layer of the roofing system, the warranty on the roof is extended for up to 10 years.

Energy Efficient
SPF Cool Roof Systems are the most energy efficient systems available and typically recover the entire cost of the roof over a short period of time in comparison to conventional roofing systems. SPF Cool Roof Systems provide a continuous air barrier preventing air leakage which minimizes dew point problems and condensation within the building.

Superior Waterproofing
SPF Cool Roof Systems provide superior waterproofing by virtue of their monolithic nature as compared to conventional BUR or single ply systems which are layered and when compromised allow water to travel extensively throughout the system. SPF Cool Roof Systems have no seams, cracks or fasteners.

Easy Maintenance
SPF Cool Roof Systems are simple to maintain with minimal training from the manufacturer. They typically can reduce maintenance cost by over 80% per year.

Fast and Easy Installation
SPF Cool Roof Systems can be installed directly over most existing roof surfaces eliminating the need for costly and disruptive demolition procedures and contributing very little to the waste stream.

SPF Cool Roof Systems are versatile. They provide the ability to correct depressions and poor drainage due to roof sagging by building up depressions in the roof and creating drainage crickets that facilitate positive drainage. They are easy to install in roofs with multiple roof penetrations of contoured surfaces.

SPF Cool Roof Systems' weightload is very low conpared with conventional BUR systems while still providing outstanding strength to the roof.

Energy Star® Program
SPF Roof Systems are a part of the Energy Star® Program                                             

Participating manufacturers use the ENERGY STAR® label on product packaging and marketing materials to help identify products used in Cool Roof Systems, which includes the SPF Roof System. The Energy Star® Program seeks to reduce greenhouse gases by implementing strategies that lower power demand, improve municipal air quality, and reduce the impact of Urban Heat Islands.

Studies indicate that as much as 38% of the insulating value can be compromised through the gaps and metal fasteners of the fastened insulation boards in a conventional roof. When compared with an SPF roof, the SPF roof loses none of its insulating value.

Studies show that Energy Star® Cool Roof Systems can reduce cooling energy demands in buildings by up to 40%, and because they protect against UV attack, they last longer and can reduce maintenance costs. Building owners who use Cool Roof Systems may be eligible for a state tax credit in many states, including California, Oregon and Washington.

For more information please visit the  EnergyStar® Roof Systems website.

If you are considering SPF Cool Roof Systems, you need to have an accredited SPF contractor/applicator.

Please contact us for detailed information or an on-site evaluation.
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