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Product Specification for Pour Fill Formula

Icynene® and The Icynene Insulation System® are registered trademarks for polyicynene insulation manufactured by Icynene Inc.
Icynene® pour fill formula is a 1/2 lb density free rise, open celled material.

Icynene® is made on site from liquid components manufactured by Icynene Inc.
Installation and on-site manufacturing is supplied by independent Icynene Licensed Dealers.

Icynene® insulates and "draftproofs" a building at the same time. Its performance is less installation sensitive than factory manufactured insulation materials. It is an effective "breathing" air barrier that can adjust with the building to maintain a seal against energy-robbing air leakage for the life of the building. Convective air movement inside wall cavities is virtually eliminated, providing more uniform temperatures throughout the building. The result is superior quality construction, with higher comfort levels and lower heating and cooling costs. Energy savings vary depending on building designs and location etc.
Icynene® pour fill material is applied by injecting liquid components through drilled holes into a closed cavity. There they expand 60:1 in just minutes to provide a flexible foam blanket of millions of tiny air cells, completely filling building cavities and sealing cracks and crevices in the process. It adheres to virtually all surfaces, sealing out air infiltration.

TECHNICAL DATA (based on Core Samples)

Thermal Performance
Thermal Resistance (R-value) ASTM C518:
R4.0 hr. ft2 F/BTU/inch
RSI 0.7 m2 C/W per 25mm
Average insulation contribution in stud wall:
2" x 4" = R14         2" x 6" = R22

The Icynene Insulation System® provides more effective performance than the equivalent R-value of hand fitted air permeable insulation materials. It is not subject to loss of R-value due to aging, windy conditions; nor is it likely to be affected by moisture related conditions.

Air Permeance / Air Barrier / Air Seal
The Icynene Insulation System® completely fills any shaped cavity, and adheres to other materials, creating assemblies with very low air permeance. No additional interior or exterior air infiltration protection is necessary.

Air permeability of core foam:
ASTM E283 data
0.0049 L/S-m2 @ 75 Pa for 5.25"
0.0080 L/S-m2 @ 75 Pa for 3.25"

Spaces where Icynene® is not installed, such as between double studs and between flooring and base plates, should be caulked for maximum performance.
In all buildings, adequate mechanical ventilation/air supply should be provided for optimum IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Inadequate ventilation can be a health hazard.

Water Vapor Permeance
Icynene® is slightly water vapor permeable and allows structural moisture to diffuse and dissipate. It will not entrap moisture in materials to which it is applied.

Water vapor transmission properties:
ASTM E96 data
16 perms 941 ng/(Pa*s*m2) @ 3" (76mm) thick
10 perms 565 ng/(Pa*s*m2) @ 5" (127mm) thick

Because of its low air permeance, Icynene® is not infiltrated by moisture-laden air. When applied to a vapor permeable surface, condensation will not occur within it. It does not require a vapor barrier unless applied to a non-vapor permeable surface in extreme vapor driven conditions. A vapor retardant paint is adequate in such situations.

Water Absorption Properties
Icynene® is hydrophobic and does not exhibit any capillary properties. It does not wick and is water repellent. Water can be forced into the foam under pressure because it is open celled. Water will drain by gravity rather than travel horizontally or vertically through the foam. Upon drying, thermal performance is fully restored.

Acoustical Properties
Performance in a 2" x 4" wood stud wall at:

STC Sound Transmission Cass - 37
Hz.Freq.      125   250   500   1000   2000   4000
ASTM E90   19     30    31      42      38      46

NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient - 70
Hz.Freq.      125   250   500   1000   2000   4000
ASTM E90   .11    .43   .89     .72     .71     .67

Actual performance is superior than reported test results because of Icynene's® ability to control air leakage.

Burn Characteristics
Icynene® will be consumed by flame, but will not sustain flame upon removal of the flame source. It leaves a charcoal residue. It will not melt or drip. It must be applied in accordance with applicable building codes.

USA Specifications
Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ASTM E84
Flame Spread                              <20
Smoke Development                   <400
Fuel Contribution                         zero
Oxygen Index ASTM D2863         23%
NY State Fire gas toxicity      LC50-12

Canada Specifications
Corner Wall Test CAN4-S102 FSC3
Flame Spread                        510-530
Smoke Development                95-150

Electrical Wiring
Icynene® has been evaluated with both 14/3 and 12/2 residential wiring (max. 122F/50C). It is chemically compatible with all electrical wiring coverings.
Note: For any insulation of knob and tube wiring, please reference local electrical code.

Icynene® did not cause corrosion when evaluated in contact with steel under 85% relative humidity conditions.

Bacterial or Fungal Growth and Food Value
Icynene® provides no support to bacterial or fungal growth. It has no food value for insects or rodents.

Environmental / Health / Safety
Icynene® contains no formaldehyde or ozone destroying CFC's or HCFCS. It has been thoroughly evaluated for in-situ emissions by industry and government experts.

Not intended for exterior use. Not to be installed within 2" (50mm) of heat emitting devices, where the temperature is in excess of 200F (93C).

The Icynene Insulation System® is installed by a network of Licensed Dealers, trained in the installation of Icynene®. Installation is generally independent of environmental conditions. It can be installed in hot, humid or freezing conditions. Surface preparation is generally not necessary. Within minutes, the foaming process is complete and the walls may be covered. Any installation deficiencies are subject to immediate visual quality control and remedial action.

The Icynene Insulation System® is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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