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Blocking Dust, Allergens, Odors and Pollutants

Icynene® effectively blocks dust, allergens, odors and pollutants from entering your home.
By reducing random air leakage through the walls, you have the ability to control the air you breathe. Icynene® limits the penetration of outdoor pollutants, molds, allergens, and dust. Fresh air is introduced into the home through the ventilation system, which can then be filtered based on the requirements of the occupants. Enhancing your system with superior air filtration will further reduce the airborne particles in your home, which are known respiratory irritants. For allergy and asthma sufferers, this may be a better night's sleep and fewer visits to the doctor.
Another strategy for healthier indoor air quality is to reduce the number of indoor pollutants. Reducing household chemical use, choosing low odor flooring and furniture, and using sealed combustion appliances are just some of the recommendations to enhance air quality. For the chemically sensitive, the careful selection of building materials is recommended. Once again, Icynene® is the leader in healthy insulation technology. Unlike most insulation materials, Icynene® does not release any harmful emissions or fibers into the air you breathe. It ist the only insulation material certified by the EnvirodesicTM Certification Program, which is recognized for improving air quality in homes across North America. It has also been featured in the American Lung Association Healthy Home projects in Florida, Washington, Oregon and Iowa.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Lung Association (ALA), and the EnvirodesicTM Certification Program, all share in the concern that the air in most new homes is likely to be ten times more polluted than the air outside. The EPA rated indoor air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues, accounting for over US$ 1 Billion annually in direct health care costs. For most new homebuyers, this is shocking news. The news is even more distressing to over 75 Million North Americans who suffer from asthma or other health problems and who seek refuge and relief inside their homes.
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